My Hidith

Unwind the parchment of my heart
and search its symbols.
I find no laws that keep me from loving you.

And if you were my sister
I would braid your scribbled hair,
and barefoot we would go in the water.

If I was your sister
you would henna both my hands
and feed me our grandmother's yoghurt.

We'd play running games with our brothers
....running games with our brothers
W'e play .....running games with our brothers
and laugh....laugh at our genius.

Where does love school to become fear?
Where do hearts train to be siteless?

Where do brothers learn to be killers!
Where do brothers learn to be killers.....
Maiming the fathers and withering mothers.

Don't they recognize each other's eyes.... don't they recognize....each other's eyes

I'll hold the pen
You write the words the laws of our heart.
and, this is my Hidith { our law of heart }
...this is my Hidith
Our Law of Heart.

© 2008 Carrie Ingrisano

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