And when our cheeks were red as poppies
we blessed the night.
You wed me in the ocean
and I wore midnight.

We knew the sky
Cloud after cloud
And after all
Each leaf did fall

I have been awake since early light to walk
and smell the dampness drying from the stones.
Jon's got the coffee hot.
My hair is drippin.
I'm so grateful for his chatter.
Today you're going on the road

Here was the bright field of our gathering,
and the shrill of the silence is the sound of our chorus,
the memory of an intonation, little whistles and green stories,
prayers we repeat in the gethsemane of our hearts.

Darlings of the water darkling, what did we know beyond
the reflection of the low, stone bridge--

and if I climb a little higher in the rocks
I can see you as you go
We'll let the sun kiss you
and let the wind touch you
this time.

and take this in remembrance of me.
Take this
of me
and take this
take this
take this
of me

We knew the dark
The slightest spark
Could birth the sky
And last the night

© 2008 Carrie Ingrisano & Richard Fammerée/Nomadica Musica & Poetry, ASCAP

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